Built-in cabinet with their own hands from different materials

Despite the fact that modern furniture is practical and convenient, it costs a lot of money, to be honest. Therefore, if there is a possibility, then making furniture with your own hands, is the best option. If there is a desire, then you can make a built-in closet with your own hands, which will be no worse than those options that you can be offered in furniture stores.

In addition, if you will do the closet in the alcove, yourself, then you will make exactly the option that will be best suited for its functionality.

Closet options

The first thing you should know is that a closet is always only with sliding doors, even fitted sliding door wardrobes still do not belong to this class. So you should understand the difference between these two types of furniture.

Closets, this is a separate type of furniture, their main feature is that the doors do not open wide, ride on special mountings, and open like a compartment door on the train, it is this that provided the basis for the name. These cabinets, quickly gained popularity, as they allow not just to store things, but also to save space, as opening their door does not require additional space as in the case of traditional options.

There are two options on how to make a closet, it can be built-in or separate. The built-in option does not take up space in the apartment, so it is the best option for small apartments. In fact, a niche closet is the best option, as it allows you to maximize the use of all available space.
A separate closet compartment, too, is quite practical, but it takes up space in the room. Therefore, if you need to save space, it is best to use exactly the built-in option.

Where to Start

Do not immediately go to the store if you want to make a built-in closet with your own hands. First, you need to carefully plan everything, so as not to buy unnecessary materials. Therefore, it is better to prepare drawings and diagrams first, so that you can accurately plan everything you need to buy.

When blueprinting a built-in closet, you should keep two things in mind. First, you have the sides and backs, so you can disregard them. All you need are the doors and shelves. These are the ones you need to install in the niche. The most important thing is to arrange the shelves correctly so that the functionality suits you best, and you can arrange all the things you need.

In addition, you need to decide what material you will use to make the shelves and doors. There are quite a few options, but it is best to use particleboard, LDF, and MDF. These are inexpensive, lightweight and at the same time durable materials. If you have leftover laminate after the repair, you can also use it to make shelves.

It is not recommended to use drywall or wood. These materials are impervious to moisture and degrade under its influence. And since walls have the property to change humidity, gypsum board will simply collapse, and wood can begin to bend under the influence of changing moisture.

Sliding door options

Any built-in furniture with their own hands should have not only beautiful but also practical doors. They must work properly, and at the same time, also be durable.

The most practical, cheapest, and most durable option is the “Bottom rail”. In this option, the casters are at the bottom, and there are only rails at the top that just keep the door from falling out. This solution will work best for you.
The door material itself and the decor can be very diverse. The most important thing is that it met several requirements, namely, it was durable, strong, and beautiful, because the doors will be part of the interior, so they must fit into it. The material for the doors can even serve as mirrors, especially if the cabinet will be in the hallway, but to make such a version on their own, is quite problematic.

What tools will be needed for work

Of course, in order to make a built-in wardrobe compartment with their own hands at home, you will also need tools, but their list is relatively small, these are:

  • Drill with drills
  • Jigsaw or saw
  • Hammer
  • A box cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil for marking out
  • Construction angle
  • Construction level

This set of tools is enough to make furniture in the hallway with their own hands. After all, making cabinet furniture is an uncomplicated task, and with proper diligence, anyone can cope with it.

The process of installing the cabinet

So, you have prepared all the materials and tools and are about to start work. The first thing you need is to install all the shelves, as mentioned above, you should already have a clear project, of how you see your cabinet.
There are two options on how to make shelves in a built-in closet. The cheapest way is just to fix the shelves to the wall.

A step-by-step plan of action is approximated as follows. The first thing you will need to fix is the shelves on the wall, this building level, and tape measure. To begin with, mark on the wall the vertical lines for the shelves with a pencil and a construction level. It is worth remembering that you are marking the bottom of the shelf, not the level where the top will be.

Once the marking is ready, you can attach the rails to the wall, which will hold the shelves. Rails you can buy in a store or use improvised materials such as plinths or just wooden bars. If there is a vertical partition that will support the shelves on one side, you also need to attach rails to it.

Do not screw the shelves directly to the partition, because if you want to remove or rearrange the shelves in the future, it will be quite problematic.

The vertical partition, too, is best secured with a rail.

The second way to make a compartment in the hallway in the alcove is to completely trim its walls. For such a wardrobe compartment with their own hands, a box is made, which is inserted into the niche, and recessed.

Despite the fact that this method is more expensive, and requires more labor, it is undoubtedly better. After all, the hidden cabinet in the wall, thus, will be additionally protected from variations in humidity and temperature, and this will avoid problems with clothes during its storage.

Regardless of which way you decide to put the shelves, it is worth remembering that the recess in the wall can be uneven. Therefore, making shelves, you need to measure each individually and cut to size, so that they do not fall or spread the construction. Even if you do not make a hidden, but corner cabinet with their own hands, it is still better to measure each part separately.

Sliding doors

Probably the most difficult stage is the installation of the sliding door system. But if you prepare well, and buy all the materials for the opening mechanism, there should be no problems.

The first thing you need to do is to fix the upper door rail. How to fix it yourself, you can look in the instructions, as such systems usually come with a scheme of installation. The easiest way to fix it is with dowels or anchor bolts.

The second step is to attach the bottom rollers to the door. The rollers themselves should be chosen very carefully, as they are the ones that hold the doors on themselves. They should not wear out quickly and have a reliable mechanism. Since the breakage of at least one roller will make using the cabinet difficult. Built-in closets – built-in closets to order, custom cabinets – https://urbanwardrobes.co.uk/services/fitted-bedrooms

When everything is ready, you can put the bottom rails in place and put the doors in place. The bottom rails should be exactly under the top rails. To accurately measure their location, it is best to use a plumb line. If the door will be skewed, it will lead to increased wear and tear of the hardware, so making the doors need to be very careful.

If you do all the work yourself, then you should be as careful and cautious so that the cabinet you made, did not break and was comfortable. Closets are a must in every home, and if there is an opportunity to build it into the wall, it will greatly expand the space in the house. Even small cabinets hidden in the wall will be very useful in the house.

Why is it important to buy quality fittings?

One of the most expensive elements for creating a closet is the hardware for its doors. Its quality determines how reliable the cabinet will be, and how long its doors will last. Do not skimp on the rollers and other elements, choosing the cheapest, because quite quickly they will fall into disrepair, especially for those cabinets, whose doors have a fairly large weight.

Pay attention to the fact that the rollers of high quality are necessarily equipped with bearings. In addition, the choice of hinged mechanism also plays a role. The more rigidity it has, the better. The most reliable is considered a frame made of aluminum profile. It has sufficient rigidity that it can be used for a long time, even if the closet doors are heavy. At the same frame, it has a small mass and looks great, which allows you to use it for cabinets of any design. Fasteners for the leaf or fittings can also be aluminum; another property of this material is its resistance to corrosion. Even if the room is damp enough, the frame will not be covered with rust stains.

Some tips for beginners

The most common mistake of beginner carpenters, who try to make furniture on their own, is the wrong cutting of parts. They simply draw a line and then cut exactly on it. In fact, the cut should be made from the outside of the marking. As experienced craftsmen say – “The mark is a witness,” so it should always stay on the part. In this case, it will fit tightly and not wobble.

Self-made furniture, and especially design elements such as closets, is one of the best solutions. After all, the details and sizes of ready-made options may not fit you in the apartment, and custom-made furniture is expensive. But unnecessary costs can be easily avoided because all the necessary materials and details can be easily purchased in the store. Accordingly, you will save at least 70% of the cost of the cabinet and the work, if you do it with your own hands. Agree, this is a solid saving, which will help you to significantly increase your family budget.

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